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Workplace Harassment

California Wage and Hour Laws

You work hard for your income, and you should be able to trust that you will be fairly compensated for your work. While California labor laws and wage and hour regulations set the standards for fair compensation for employees, many employers fail to comply with these laws, depriving workers of the wages and compensation they have earned.

When such violations occur, you as a California worker have the right to sue your employer, and you can get experienced help pursuing justice with Los Angeles Employment Lawyers at Urbanic & Associates. Dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights, Urbanic & Associates is skilled at going up against even the largest employers and companies to help workers defend their rights and secure the compensation they deserve.

Common Wage and Hour Violations

You may have been the target of wage and hour violations if you have:

  • Not received overtime and/or double time pay when it was due to you
  • Been misclassified as being “exempt” from overtime pay
  • Not been paid at rates that were less than minimum wage
  • Not received commissions and/or bonuses earned
  • Not been compensated for your work-related expenses, such as mileage and/or tools
  • Not been granted 10-minute breaks for every 4 hours worked
  • Not been granted an uninterrupted meal break within the first 5 hours of work
  • Not been allowed to take a second meal break after working 10 hours or longer
  • Been forced to take work breaks at your work station and/or be “on duty” during these breaks
  • Not received proper pay stubs (with all of the required information, such as total hours worked, deductions, etc.).

Los Angeles Employment Attorneys at Urbanic & Associates Will Fight for You

Have you been the target of wage and hour violations? If so, you can turn to Los Angeles employment attorneys at Urbanic & Associates for help defending your rights and pursuing justice. For well over a decade, Urbanic & Associates has been dedicated to aggressively advocating his clients’ rights and helping them hold employers accountable for violating California labor laws.

This commitment and experience has been pivotal to Urbanic & Associates’s success, which has included:

  • Securing some of largest employment-related verdicts in Los Angeles County
  • Being rated as a Super Lawyer in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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