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The Rise of the Anti-Vax Employee

Religious exemptions aside, the most likely court battle will involve disability discrimination cases brought by employees who were fired even after presenting the proper medical documentation excusing them from receiving the vaccine. Getting into the courthouse is only half the battle.

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The History of Vaccine Requirements

Despite concerns, vaccine requirements are still around because vaccines work.  Smallpox killed over 500 million people before a vaccine was created.  The smallpox vaccine was used in the United States until approximately 1972, and by 1980 smallpox had essentially been eradicated.

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Vaccine Mandates at Work, is it Legal?

The recent push for vaccinating the public against Covid-19 has polarized the public. In many states — including California — the battle over vaccinations has moved into the workplace. On one hand, Employers are concerned about lawsuits and they want their employees vaccinated.

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FEHA’S “Ghost Employee” Loophole

How Companies Secretly Allow Discrimination in the Workplace Chances are you say “hello” to the security guard standing at the entrance of your office building.  Positioned at a desk in the lobby, he does more than secure the building; he is the face of your...

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New Laws for Moms in the Workplace

Effective January, 2020, mothers in California will enjoy greater protection under the law with respect to infant care. Senate Bill 142 (amending Labor Code Sections 1030, 1031, and 1033, and adding Labor Code Section 1034) provides that employees desiring to express...

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Business to Business or Employer/Employee

As California’s gig economy grows and more and more workers try their hand at freelancing, relationships between businesses face new challenges to avoid running afoul of employment laws. Of particular concern are those relationships that involve single-person...

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