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3 Surprising Statistics about Age Discrimination in American Workplaces

Surprising Statistics about Age Discrimination in American Workplaces

Surprising Statistics about Age Discrimination in American Workplaces

Age discrimination is real issue in many workplaces in the U.S. To highlight the nature and scope of this problem, below are some of the latest statistics about this form of workplace discrimination in the U.S.:

  1. Workplace age discrimination complaints filed with the EEOC have been increasing in recent years – In fact, the EEOC has reported that, over the past two decades or so, the number of age discrimination complaints federal regulators have received has surged by about 40 percent. What may be just as shocking as this is the fact that the EEOC reports that about 23 percent of all of the complaints it receives from American workers involve allegations of age discrimination. This combination of these statistics underscores just how pervasive this form of age discrimination is in the U.S. – and how more enforcement efforts may be needed to reverse the rising trend.
  2. In general, it takes workers who are 55 or older longer to secure jobs (than younger applicants) – Some research has indicated that, on average, it takes older workers about 3 months longer to secure employment than younger unemployed workers. This fact may be even more distressing in light of the consideration that many older workers are bringing more experience to the table and yet are still overlooked for jobs by some employers.
  3. About 2 in every 3 workers report witnessing or experiencing workplace age discrimination – And about 1 in every 5 American workers over the age of 40 have reported not getting a job due to their age. Given that Baby Boomers are now hitting their twilight years, some expect that these numbers will sharply increase within the coming decade.

Workplace Age Discrimination: More Important Info for Employees

  • Age discrimination only applies to workers who are 40 and older – In other words, workers younger than 40 years old cannot legally pursue recovery for alleged age discrimination at work.
  • Age discrimination can include harassing older workers – Although age discrimination is often thought of as overlooking older workers for jobs, it can also arise after older workers have been hired. For instance, workplace age discrimination can involve harassing older workers, subjecting them to hostile work conditions or overlooking them for promotions.
  • The burden of proof for age discrimination is on the worker – This means that workers who allege having been the victims of workplace age discrimination will need to be able to prove these violations to obtain recoveries. And knowing this can be pivotal to inciting workers to consult with a lawyer, who can invaluable in helping them and their case as they proceed.

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