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3 Things to Know about Employer Retaliation

When employees have the courage to blow the whistle on an employer’s illegal activities, they can, unfortunately, also become the target of employer retaliation.

Given that employer retaliation is illegal and that it can come in various forms, below, we will point out some important facts to know about this issue so workers are aware of their rights and know when it’s time to take action and fight back.

Important Info about Employer Retaliation

  1. Employer retaliation can impact employees who become whistleblowers, our Los Angeles discrimination & employment attorney explains. Here are more important facts about retaliation.

    Employer retaliation can impact employees who become whistleblowers, our Los Angeles discrimination & employment attorney explains. Here are more important facts about retaliation.

    Retaliation does NOT include stray comments or petty slights – Instead, it generally includes adverse actions against an employee, such as denying an employee a promotion, refusing to hire a job applicant and/or demoting or firing an employee because of his association with some whistleblower action (or investigation). Increasing surveillance on employees, threatening them and/or giving them unjustified negative reviews can also serve as forms of retaliation.

  2. Retaliation is more likely to occur in certain situations/workplaces – In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has found that employer retaliation is more likely to take place when more serious allegations are made, when managers/executives feel like their jobs are in jeopardy and/or when workplaces are structured to be more bureaucratically rigid. Similarly, workplaces that promote competition, value ranks/titles and have an authoritarian management culture are more likely to give way to retaliation against employees who become whistleblowers.
  3. Employer retaliation is the most frequent alleged form of discrimination in the federal sector – This is according to the EEOC, which has reported that, in 2013 (the most recent year for which data is available), more than 40 percent of the discrimination claims the Commission received were related to allegations of employer retaliation. In fact, employer retaliation has been the most frequently alleged discrimination claim the Commission has received since 2008.

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