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5 Steps to Take after Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Steps to Take after Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Steps to Take after Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Being the target of workplace sexual harassment can be embarrassing, distressing and even frustrating. Knowing what to do, however, to protect yourself and your rights after workplace sexual harassment occurs can be pivotal to feeling empowered and taking back some control of the situation.

After Workplace Sexual Harassment Happens…

  1. Don’t ignore it – As uncomfortable as sexual harassment may make you, don’t try to pretend it did not happen. Speak up and, if you can, tell the harasser to stop and/or that his or her actions are inappropriate or are making you uncomfortable. Even if speaking up does not stop the harassment, it will let the person know that his or her actions are not welcomed.
  2. Figure out your employer’s policies regarding harassment – If your employer has a policy for reporting and investigating sexual harassment claims, you typically have to proceed through the employer’s remedy options before litigation can occur. So, find out your employer’s policies regarding harassment and start preparing what you need to take the next step, which is to…
  3. File a report with your employer – This is critical to do because it can generate an official employer report regarding the incident, providing details about the employer’s investigation into the incident (if one occurred) and what the outcome of the investigation was.
  4. Document the details of the harassment, as well as your efforts to report it – Even if you report harassment to an employer, maintain your own log, recording each harassing incident you experience, when it occurred, who may have witnessed it and what took place. Keeping your own log can be key to pinpointing each time your rights were violated at work, and this can be important to a future case.
  5. Contact a lawyer to discuss your options – If an employer does not take sufficient or appropriate action to protect you from sexual harassment at work – or if an employer retaliates against you for reporting these incidents, contact Urbanic & Associates to find out more about your options for justice and financial recovery.

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