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California Minimum Wage FAQs: Important Answers for All CA Workers

Have questions about min. wage laws in CA? We have helpful answers. Check out these FAQs or contact our Los Angeles employment attorney today.

Have questions about min. wage laws in CA? We have helpful answers. Check out these FAQs or contact our Los Angeles employment attorney today.

The minimum wage in California is set to increase to $10 (for most workers) as of the first of 2016. While many people are aware of this, confusion still surrounds certain issues related to the minimum wage laws in California, such as who is (or is not) entitled to minimum wage.

To clear up any misconceptions people may hold about the California minimum wage – and to ensure they know when to fight back because an employer has violated their rights under minimum wage laws, below, we will answer some commonly asked questions about the CA min. wage.

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Info about Min. Wages in CA

Q: Am I entitled to the state or federal minimum wage?

A: It will depend on where you work. In general, however, the average California employee will be covered by both state and federal minimum wage laws, and their employers will be required to pay the minimum wage law with the stricter standard.

This, effectively, means that employers are required to  comply with the law that is most beneficial to the employee. Since the California minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, the average CA worker will be entitled to the higher wage.

Q: What types of exceptions apply to minimum wage laws?

A: There are certain employers and employees in California that are exempt from minimum wage laws. For instance, apprentices, disabled individuals and nonprofit companies are among the parties that may be exempt from receiving/paying min. wages (they are, however, bound by other licensing and labor laws).

Q: What about minors – do they still have a right to receive the minimum wage?

A: Yes. Age is not a factor in determining whether an employee is entitled to at least the California minimum wage for the work (s)he provides.

Q: Can an employee agree to earn less than the min. wage?

A: No. California minimum wage laws are binding to employers. So, any agreement or contract entered into between an employer and an employee that stipulates that the employee will earn less than the minimum wage will generally not be valid.

Q: What are my options if my employer is not paying me minimum wages?

A: You can sue your employer for back wages and other damages. In fact, if you believe you have been the target of wage theft because an employer has failed to pay you minimum wage, it’s time to contact an experienced employment lawyer to find out more about your potential case and best options for proceeding.

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