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EEOC Files Age Discrimination Lawsuit against City of Milpitas

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has recently filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the City of Milpitas, alleging that city officials passed over four older qualified applicants for the position of executive secretary to the city manager.

A recently filed EEOC suit alleges that the City of Milpitas discriminated against 4 job applicants over 40, a Los Angeles discrimination attorney explains.

A recently filed EEOC suit alleges that the City of Milpitas discriminated against 4 job applicants over 40, a Los Angeles discrimination attorney explains.

Filed on Sept. 28th, this lawsuit (EEOC v. City of Milpitas, Case No. 5:15-cv-04444 ) specifically points out that the City, instead, opted to hire a less qualified 39 year old for the position “without a valid justification for disregarding the panel rankings.”

According to the complaint, the EEOC attempted to resolve this discrimination case prior to officially filing the suit. Now that the case is moving to trial, the EEOC is seeking compensation for the four applicants who were the targets of age discrimination, as well as “injunctive relief intended to prevent a recurrence of age discrimination in City of Milpitas government.”

Commenting on this case and age discrimination in general, EEOC San Francisco Acting Regional Attorney Jonathan Peck has stated:

Older workers continue to face discrimination based on age due to negative stereotypes and inaccurate assumptions about their abilities… It is important for employers to ensure that such stereotyping does not impact a person’s ability to be employed.  Employment decisions must be based on merit, not age.

4 Facts about Age Discrimination

In light of this recent high-profile age discrimination case, now is a good time to point out some important facts about this form of discrimination, its prevalence and its impacts:

  1. In 2014, age discrimination claims comprised nearly 1 in every 4 EEOC charges filed in the nation.
  2. Age discrimination is defined as impacting workers who are 40 and older. These laws, however, do not protect workers younger than 40.
  3. Age discrimination can arise when the perpetrator and the victim are both older than 40.
  4. Age discrimination can come in various forms – including failing to hire older workers, failing to provide them with benefits, etc.

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