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Federal Age Discrimination Case Filed against the City of Milpitas Has Settled for $140,000, EEOC Announces

Federal Age Discrimination Case Filed against the City of Milpitas Has Settled for $140,000

Federal Age Discrimination Case Filed against the City of Milpitas Has Settled for $140,000

The City of Milpitas, located in the Bay Area, has recently agreed to settle a federal age discrimination lawsuit to the tune of $140,000 and some additional remedies.

This is according to an announcement from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which has also reported that the sizeable settlement will be divided between the three individuals who were the target of the age discrimination.

Background on the Allegations

As court documents for this case (EEOC v. City of Milpitas, Case No. 5:15-cv-04444) explain, the discriminatory practices that served as the basis for this case arose during the City’s hiring process, when the City was looking for a new executive secretary for the city manager.

Although there had been a few candidates over the age of 50 who were highly qualified for the job, the panel overseeing the hiring process for Milpitas ultimately selected a 39-year-old candidate who was less qualified for the position.

After the EEOC took action to file an age discrimination case against Milpitas, the City reportedly denied the allegations, and early efforts to resolve the case via the EEOC’s pre-litigation conciliation process failed.

Now, however, Milpitas has agreed to a settlement, which includes a $140,000 payment to the targets of the discriminatory practices, as well as the City agreeing to:

  • Update its age discrimination policies and communicate these updates to all of its employees
  • Develop thorough processes and procedures for reporting discrimination complaints
  • Implement annual anti-discrimination training for all staff
  • Notify the EEOC of any and all discrimination complaints filed by staff over the next two years.

Commenting on age discrimination and this case, San Francisco EEOC District Director William Tamayo has stated:

Older workers continue to face bias due to negative stereotypes… We hope the positive changes implemented by the City of Milpitas under this consent decree will serve as a model for how to do business in Silicon Valley.

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